About Us 

What could make a good story better?
A Story starring YOU!

At TheMeStory, we have tried to harness the power of a good story and make it more powerful and unforgettable, by starring your child in it!
We personalise the story with your child’s name and illustrations, and we complement it with a loving message from you, to create a truly unique book that they will cherish forever.
Unleash your children’s imagination and creativity, by transporting them wholly into the story. Inspire, impact and amaze them with our books.
‘A story with ME in it!’, voiced with wonder and delight, is what we, at TheMeStory, strive to hear from your little ones!
Through our personalised illustrated books, we aspire to bring joyful smiles to little children. And we hope that the excitement of starring in a personalised book lingers on, tinged with warmth and comfort, well into their adulthood.

 So, what are you waiting for?
Get Starred…Get Storied! 

We Believe


“Stories make us more alive, more human, more courageous, more loving.” -Madeleine L’Engle
“After nourishment, shelter and companionship, stories are the thing we need most in the world.” -Phillip Pullman
“When the first men started telling stories to one another, so came an end to Chaos” -Imme Dros

Since the beginning of time, we have used stories to entertain and teach children. But do you know how deeply stories influence children, their thoughts and actions?

And it is not just the primary message of the story that impacts them. Research shows that children emulate the characters in the story! They absorb the cultural and gender roles portrayed in the stories! They internalise the visual images in a storybook and form associations to the colours, illustrations and character depictions!

Storybooks, therefore, turn into power houses of learning experiences for the young impressionable minds. They help children develop not only language skills and knowledge but also help discover their inner strengths, influence their actions, shape their character and give flight to their imagination!

To supercharge this learning, we brought together the ancient art of storytelling and the latest technology to create beautiful personalised storybooks for children!

We are proud to create books that are free from stereotypes and gender biases! We believe that young minds should develop freely and imaginatively, going beyond the barriers of folk and fairy tales. All our books are suitable for boys and girls- even the Princess Story can be easily visualised as a Prince’s Story!
Our StoryMe books impart universal human values like Empathy, Courage, Determination, gently and positively.
Join us as we humbly attempt to wield the power of stories, empower children and bring more imagination, learning and magic in their lives… To know more about our thoughts, please visit our blog