What is the order process?
The order process is very simple. Choose a book from the StoryMe or RhyMe collections. View the description and note the exact personalisation inputs, which we will require from you. Place the order and complete the payment by contacting us for account details. You will receive an order confirmation email. Send your photos, messages and wishes, so that we can start producing your custom book!

Can I see a preview while the book is being produced?
Yes, you can! A week after you send your inputs, we will send you 5 sample pages from the book.

What if I do not like the preview sample?
We take pride in our work and do our best to produce a quality product. Your satisfaction and your child’s joy is our pride. We will take your feedback and send you another set of sample pages. However, if you are still not satisfied, you can cancel your order. Please read the FAQ section on cancellations.

How long will it take to receive the order?
The processing time taken to produce the book would be roughly 14 days from the time we receive the personalisation inputs. This is provided we receive your approval of the sample and any other required inputs promptly.
For shipping time, please read the FAQ section on shipping.

The number of books in your product collections are very few in number. Why?
The concept of TheMeStory books is very unique and one-of- a-kind in India and most of abroad. The time, effort and dedication taken to produce a book is high. We want to follow a lean process, wherein we create and offer books based on your feedback! We would like to know what types of books you would like for your child. We would be happy to add more books to our collections based on your inputs. Please provide your feedback by writing to hello@themestory.in

Your prices seem high for a book. Why?
Considering the personalised gifting industry, our prices are comparatively very reasonable.
A high amount of time, effort, dedication and passion goes into producing TheMeStory book. Consider it not just a book, but a small treasure for your children. They will adore it forever. As they grow up, they will cherish it all the more and understand the value of your heartfelt thoughts and messages. We hope you see the unique worth of our books!

What are the payment methods accepted by you?
We accept only Bank transfers. Please contact us for account details. 

Do you offer Cash on delivery option?
No, unfortunately, we do not offer Cash on delivery.

What are personalisation inputs?
Personalisation inputs are the information required for us to completely customise the book for you. These include photos, short dedication wishes and a longer message.

Where should I upload my personalisation inputs?
You can upload your inputs using the link you will receive with your order confirmation email.

How many pages of the book will contain my child’s illustrations?
It depends upon the book you choose. You will find this information in the product description.

What are the accepted image formats?
We accept images with .png and .jpg extensions.

Can I change my wishes, messages or upload photos again?
Yes, your photos, messages and wishes can be changed before you approve our sample. The sample will be sent about a week after you place your order. Once you have approved the sample, we will release it for printing, so no changes will be possible after approval.

What type of photos and how many photos do you require?
This depends on the book you wish to order. Every product description has a link named ‘Personalisation Inputs’ which describes the type and number of photos required. In general, we prefer photos that are natural with kids doing what they like to do, like, running, jumping, dancing, walking, eating or just being funny!

What do high quality or high resolution photos mean?
This means that the photos when printed at 300 dpi will print at sizes of at least 5×7 inches. In pixels, the sizes should be close to 1500 by 2100 pixels. The photo should not be blurry or contain shadows which obscure the face. The photos should be taken in natural light. The photos should be crisp and clear.

I am confused between dedication wishes and longer messages. Please explain.
Dedication wishes are very short. Here you can wish your child for an occasion. A message is longer, more like a heartfelt letter that you would like your child to remember always. For the StoryMe Books, you can link your message to the moral of the story. Examples of dedication wishes and messages are available in each of the product descriptions.

Do all books have morals? How do I find the moral of the book?
Only the books in the StoryMe collection have specific morals. You will find the moral of a StoryMe book in the product description.

What are your shipping rates?
We ship free within India. For international orders, please contact us.

How long will it take to receive my order?
The time taken for the order to reach you, consists of the Processing time and the Shipping time. Processing time: This would be the time taken by us to create and customise the book for you. You can look at How it works to know our processing time and procedure. It would roughly take 14 days provided we receive all required inputs from you in time. Shipping time: This would be the time taken by the courier companies to deliver your order. Shipping time varies depending on where your order will be shipped. For most cities, it would be 3-5 days via BlueDart. If BlueDart does not cover your location, then your order would be shipped via India Post which takes around 7 days.

Will you provide a tracking number?
Yes, we will provide you with the tracking information as soon as we receive it.

What is your return policy?
In case you wish to cancel the order please inform us within 24 hours of purchase, stating the order number and the reason for cancellation. We shall then cancel the order and refund the entire amount.
Once we have processed your order, we regret to say, we will not be able to completely refund the amount. However a partial refund or a replacement is possible under the following conditions:
If the product has been damaged in transit or if it contains errors, we will send you a replacement. Please contact us at cs@TheMeStory.in and provide the reason for return, then ship it to us within 10 days. We will refund your shipping charges and replace your product.
During our processing phase, if you reject the proof and would like a refund, please provide your reason. We will try to work with your inputs and fix it. If you are still unhappy, you can request a refund; however, only 75% of the purchase price will be refunded at this point. Cancellation of orders after the proof has been accepted by you, is not possible.